Monday, September 9, 2013

Fun Friday Part 2 - Dance Party

In the afternoon during "Fun Friday" we had a little dance party during centers.  The children requested many songs from Justin Bieber and the song "Call Me Maybe."  We were even lucky enough to have our principal, Mrs. Gott come in a join us for a few songs. :)  It was a great way to wrap up our week.  Enjoy a few pictures and videos of our dance moves.

Mrs. Gott singing some Bieber with our kids!

Helping Mrs. Gott make a microphone.

Can't beat the broom guitar!

Rocking out on the bass broom guitar!

Our silly class!


Hope you enjoyed our dance party!  Aren't they just too adorable!  Thanks again for joining us Mrs. Gott!

Fun Friday Part 1 - Finger Painting

Every Friday we try to do a fun activity or two!  It is our reward for getting our work done all week and listening to our teachers.  I have to say we are one of the most well behaved classes that I have ever had so we have earned each and every fun Friday opportunity we have had so far! :)

This past Friday, we were able to experience finger painting in class for the first time!   Some of us were quite tenative barely sticking a finger in...while other children dove right in!  See our fun photo below :)

Have a great night...stay tuned for part 2 of fun Friday last week...our dance party!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Reading Curriculum

Our first book in our Little Treasures curriculum is "Hurray for Pre-K."  We read it throughout the week last week and used it to compare things that the children in the book did at school to what we do at school. 
At one of our small groups that same week we drew pictures of things that we do and see at school to tie into the book.  Then we hung our work in the hallway.  Take time to stop by and see our hard work!  It is interesting to see what the children found important that they see or do each day. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our New Kitchen!!!

This week we received a large was a new kitchen for our dramatic play area!  The children and teachers were very excited.  We worked together to move out our old furniture and set up our new center.  It helps us save so much space in our cozy room!  It has been a very popular choice during our center time.

Dressing up and making sure our new area is clean.
Taking phones calls...must not be very impressive :)

SO excited for our new toys!

So many things to play with :)
Talking to his mommy !

Texting her mommy about when she was coming to pick her up :)
Posing together by our new kitchen!

Same food as before...but it tastes better cooked in our new oven!

We save so much room now...he has time to lay down and lounge to do his texting! :)
On a completely seperate note...our bikes outside have been a really big hit!  It is a great activity to help them work on their large motor skills.  They have also done great learning to put on their own helmets so they are safe! 
I can ride even with a boo-boo!
So proud he put on his helmet by himself!

Have a great night! :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

School Lunch :)

Some of us may have not such fond memories of some school lunches from our preschool and elementary days... but I tell you our class has been loving them! This day they were enjoying turkey sandwiches, fruit, and veggies.  The photos below are candids of them eating their lunch.
Eating sandwiches and learning to put mayo on. 

Boy these sandwiches are delicious!

More fruits and veggies please!

Drinking some ice cold milk and inspecting sandwiches.

Mmmm... Lunch is so good...

"Miss Meaghan why you taking a picture of me eating?" and the expression on the right is just priceless isn't it?
Hope you enjoyed our lunch post!  If there is any part of our day you would like to see on the blog please e-mail me and let me know!  Have a great night! :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Hello Everybody" (our good morning song...)

A little video of our morning group song to start your week off well! :)
("Hello Everybody" by Carole Peterson)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Fun Friday! (...turned into sleepy Friday...)

     In our classroom, we try to make every Friday, "Fun Friday."  We have different fun activities for our small groups.  Today they could choose between playdoh, painting, and using our new cutting table (they preferred to say they were chopping).  They were able to rotate between the activities that they wanted.  We definitely had a good time!!!

Playdoh fun!

Painting gorgeous pictures!

Wonderful watercolors!

Practicing cutting!
We have found out that having a "fun Friday" morning leads to a very sleepy Friday afternoon... 


Have a great weekend! :)